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Sexual decision-making. The war on porn is a psychologically perfect solution to the confusion, anger, self-criticism, and shame that many Americans feel about sexuality and modern life. Those who fear and hate sexuality erotophobes are attacking those who appreci- ate or tolerate sexuality erotophiles. What are abstinence proponents trying to protect kids from? It is quickly becoming the only organization with the money and political courage to cope with the harass- ment and violence that abortion providers must endure. Gov- ernment continues looking for ways to enforce it.

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It is, at this moment, changing our norms, culture, laws, vocabulary, and our very emotions.

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They want to claim sex is bad for kids and abstaining is good; when confronted with the data chal- lenging this, they say, well, abstaining is good morality. For parents who are sincerely involved in that world, this concern is an enormous burden. A loss of group control over individual impulse.

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