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Replies 1. Things come to a real heat when the guys confront Tailor Made back at the house. New york said he is a purse holder; girl friend. And no doubt in my mind that 20 would give Craig a piece. Where are they now? A VH1 special on October 1, revealed the 5 men with the most votes.

Seeing how they were both looking for love, VH1 gave them their own dating show:

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Back at the house, the guys play a prank on The Entertainer and he plays a trick himself by pretending to leave. During the reunion he left her on the stage and gave her the deuces and few middle fingers. When Tailor Made reveals this to New York, she is pissed because she gets a flashback to when Pumkin spat on her in Flavor of Love season 1. I think It will be the next to go.

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The five men who were chosen as the contestants are above on the elimination chart in the color yellow.