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So what words of wisdom would they offer to other couples in a similar situation? Being the spouse or family member of a transgender person is one of the most widely misunderstood experiences that anyone can have. The Straight Spouse Network has an online support list — TransFamilySpouses, an email list for spouses or partners of transgender men or women, including transvestites and transsexuals at any stage of transitioning. That is why the Straight Spouse Network exists. Yes, Caitlyn is the same person, older, and still much more capable than most people of physical triumph and endurance. By Becca Husselbee A little girl battling a rare form of cancer has created adorable memories with the help and support of her six siblings and her de There isn't an easy Google search for "How does a cisgender straight woman accept her transgender wife?

transgendered husbands
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Their daughter cried.

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And so there they are in the photos, posing with family. Elizabeth never let on to her children how hard the transition was for her, though even now she has trouble articulating why she stayed once the surgeries were over. What a wonderful and well-earned celebration it will be.

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But for the rest of us, particularly straight spouses, we are just ordinary people, leading ordinary lives.

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