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Blockchain is the hot technology right now, and many are looking for their way into the party. He pulls it off, though, because he's from Detroit—and if there's one thing Detroit can teach a person, it's how to not give a fuck. Although walls and barriers are coming down for women, it is not always easy for females in the corporate scene. Global price cuts on AWS' VM and storage services in late led to broad price declines in the overall market. If you put 12 of them together, you're bound to get them all in top form.

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Toss in enough fuel to lift the rest of the rocket, and you wouldn't be able to lift all the heavy rocket fuel.

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A Guide for Men and Women, a chapter in his latest book. I look for a challenge, and I like to learn; it is why I have moved through multiple roles. Sociologist Jeanne Nakamura's research on the conditions that create "vital engagement" are crystal clear.

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Learn the all too common managing up pitfalls and how to avoid managing up the wrong way.

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