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However, is there a possibility for HIV transmission in this, i. I was masturbating with a banana peel, although it had been sitting on my table for a few days. Sweetie, do you think perhaps your cutie-petutie banana and cucumber are cheating on you???? Find all posts by Pastor Isaac Peters. Is it safe to use hollow cucumber or banana skin for masturbation male? Pastor Ezekiel Putting the "stud" back in Bible Study. Incapable of finding justice, truth, and eternal life by his own effort, he can attain them only through a divine revelation

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Bad Intent guess you would pick that particular one for your "sit and spin?

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gay vegetables

It is perfectly safe to have fun with fruits and vegetables, so long as you're not spunking up the produce in the aisles of your local Piggly Wiggly. Find all posts by Unknow. Originally Posted by Unknow Vegetables cause people to be GAY. Get your daughter raped! LBC's War on Sin. I can only assume your home schooling or abstinence-only sex education program failed to mention that HIV is a sexually transmitted disease.

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That is unless you happen to have unprotected sex with an HIV-positive checkout boy in that aisle with all the phallic fruits and vegetables. As far as the HIV risk from using and abusing various fruits and vegetables, relax Max. Perhaps Man was tired at this point and has lost his sense of creativity. Do you really think "someone with bad intent" would pick that particular vegetable to "inject body fluid and blood???? Down syndrome is a lifestyle choice! LBC's War on Sin.

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