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Despite himself, Dick stifled a moan. This is an all-time low, even for you. He pushed himself to sit up and removed his pants that felt soaked and reeked of his sweaty smell. Chapter 1 2. We hardly need another junky in Gotham. Bruce side-eyed the rope and saw the lit fuse drawing closer, a handful of inches away.

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Tim bent and nuzzled Dick's right nipple, twirling his tongue around the hard nub and twisting the other one with his hand. It really wasn't fair. As he neared the bar, Dick noticed a young guy with short, dark hair looking into the crowd. Clark wasn't sure of what to say or do.

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It took Northstar 14 years to publicly acknowledge his sexuality; Rictor and Shatterstar took 16 years to confirm their relationship on the page.

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