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Troy knew he could do good things with the department, get himself better and better positions in the company, and make lots and lots of money. This time he lifted his index finger to his mouth and shushed me. I tried, once or twice again, asking Trevor to turn it down, but he always either brushed me off or ignored me completely. Trevor made me bite down on the worn shoe leather and pull his shoes off one by one, with my teeth. I wearily allowed my torso to slump to the floor and my legs to straighten. All the same, Troy wanted to put things back on track.

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He moved his right shoe over to the left, and forced the heel of his left shoe off his left foot.

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In his other hand, he was holding a long black leash. But then, that night, he came back to the room with several of his buds — again. Still, it was about to get worse. When I walked in, he was just wearing work-out shorts, a tight undershirt, and a big pair of white sneakers with no socks, so that his ankle bones were clearly visible. My mouth was still open as I shouted for help, so Trevor surprised me by jamming one sock into my open mouth. His squeeze tightened — the pain was excruciating. Quickly, before I could even stop myself, I sprang out of the trunk.

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Then he made me do the same thing for his socks. I felt tired and cranky. Then he headed to the ankle and stripped my foot. What he really wanted to do was take over Jake's job. Trevor started bring his friends over to watch the games with him — his frat brothers and teammates were even louder than he was. The other two pairs he used to further connect my ankles to the table legs.

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