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They practice what I preach, though they've been doing it for thousands of years before I was ever born. And you think gays are going to hell? You don't get kids. It's not your job to keep correcting someone every time they get it wrong, and if it keeps happening, there's no reason to stick around that kind of negativity. Do they think, "No big deal. Not only does this put you down, but it also serves to invalidate any of your concerns so they can keep on keepin' on.

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There is another possibility.

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You just found out? So the premise of my article, that freedom of speech is the solution to gay insults, is wrong, and the article can't help people? Should you be punished because I upset myself? They haven't attended my seminars and no one is teaching them about the true meaning of Freedom of Speech.

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It is not pleasant to have people ridiculing and rejecting you.

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