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Who else will be there? Most of the country east of the Rockies is hot and humid during summer, especially the south. I asked T about Jane's whereabouts. At the bathhouse, duties are shared by everyone, regardless of seniority. Have an open-mind and keep a spirit of adventure. It's a good size; it's manageable that way. We have no idea.

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I signaled to T that we would be quick.

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What is the Best Bathhouse in America?

Skip to main content. People still go there? Bathhouses remain rather exclusive and clandestine. Megaplex used to actually have hot guys there, and a good night out would end up at the Plex where you could hook up with the hottie you saw out at the clubs earlier. I'm not R36, but I'll answer the question about conversation with sex partners at the baths. I have never been to the baths or a sex club, my ex's and friends who have been to them said I am not missing much.

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Friends from Philly, with whom I was raised, laughed off my new job. WIll there be guys there on a Saturday afternoon? Could we have best - and worst as well please? About Jack Rushall Jack Rushall is a local freelance writer who likes to open windows. Jane was a little less comfortable. I just hung out and watched some porn and showered and left. Sorry, don't find that scene arousing at all.

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