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Andy moaned as JD licked it off, then slid the shaft back into his mouth, sucking on it. JD began moving his body, thrusting it back and forth, rubbing his stiff shaft against Andy's body. After we were in bed, unable to see each other, the subject of sex came up again. I stood back waiting for him to pummel me into the ground. I could feel that Barry was also stroking off as we talked. I'm meeting Cynthia to work on the wedding plans.

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Hot Shot, you've woken me up a few times yourself.

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JD pushed the shirt over Andy's shoulders and down his thick arms, finally sliding it off and tossing it to the side. He like most jocks had his share of pussy, usually bringing a different girl home each night. The Billionaire's Stepsister by Caterina Faye. Some girls are better at it than others. And just as quickly, my conscious chastised me for thinking such thoughts. He looked at Andy, still on his hands and knees. Usually I find a frat brothers underwear to smell while I jack off.

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The Personal Trainer Randy is twenty-two and as you would expect is in incredible physical condition. I was dreading unloading by myself, and was relieved that Barry was already there, and agreed to help. I first felt his ass muscles constrict against my finger. At first it was a slight movement, and I realized that Barry was shaking the bed. Andy grinned stupidly again. Andy felt a thick stream of hot liquid splash against the walls of his ass, then another, then another. Sucking and Fucking Football Jock at the Lake.

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