Does john mccain support gay rights

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He concluded his speech by saying that "America, Iraq and the world are better off with Saddam Hussein in prison rather than in power Retrieved 17 October Congressman from Arizona's 1st district — The Politico. The same as will happen if we stay. With Democratic Sen.

does john mccain support gay rights
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Ileana Ros-Lehtinen was one of Republicans to sign on to an amicus brief in support of gay marriage filed with the Supreme Court.

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His daughter, Meghan, is a vocal advocate of gay rights. April 11, He argues that his rival bill to Bush's plan gives defendants access to classified evidence being used to convict them and will set tight limits on use of testimony obtained by coercion.

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McCain's position on greenhouse gas emissions calls for a timetable mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency that gradually reduces greenhouse ceilings.

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