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It is usually an ongoing process for a lesbian, gay, or bisexual person, rather than a one-off event. He achieved this at the Beijing Olympics in the men's 10 metre platform event. Inbasketball player Jason Collins a member of the Washington Wizards came out as gay, becoming the first active male professional athlete in a major North American team sport to publicly come out as gay. With the spread of consciousness raising CR in the late s, coming out became a key strategy of the gay liberation movement to raise political consciousness to counter heterosexism and homophobia. English translation:

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We're queer! Ellen DeGeneres 's coming out in the media as well as an episode of Ellen" The Puppy Episode ", "ranks, hands down, as the single most public exit in gay history", changing media portrayals of lesbians in Western culture. Strong, loving relationships between children and their parents may be strengthened but if a relationship is already strained, those relationships may be further damaged or destroyed by the child coming out. Social attitudes.

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Academic fields and discourse.

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