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He staggers to a place called "The Gilded Lily" and thinks "Well, this looks like a nice clean place. Everyone there was a good-looking guy. This is what makes them realize their victim was gay, and then shift their investigation accordingly. The trope is averted in that the customers are never shown as oversexualized leather daddies or weird crossdressers; Jim only realises what's happened when someone points out to him that all of his customers are men, and some of them are holding hands. This is, after all, the city that invented the second line funeral, with dancing, parasol-twirling mourners and brass band musicians — perhaps the most ostentatious remembrance ritual America knows. This lesbian bar doesn't have a fire exit!

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Sometimes Manford will have the conspicuous homosexual elements pointed out to him but automatically imagines it to all be part of manly bonding.

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"Gay Bar" lyrics

Drink up, we're leaving. In Handsome DevilNed tries to follow his roommate into a bar and gets stopped by the bouncer. The Bosshoss played a cover of the song during their "Low Voltage" tour. Dude, everyone in here's a dude! When the DJ sees what Wayne and company are wearing, he shines the spotlight on them and cranks up the Village People 's "YMCA" which leads to a hilarious scene where the heroes perform the dance associated with the song. Within minutes, the entrance had been doused in lighter fluid bought from a nearby pharmacy and sparked into flames.

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This is what makes them realize their victim was gay, and then shift their investigation accordingly. The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers - Fat Freddy goes home to Cleveland and stops for a drink in what he realizes is "a honky bar", inadvertently angers the blue-collar clientele, and gets booted out. Jerk Ass characters will oftentimes be tricked into heading there, only to end up in the tight embrace of Manly Gay bikers, who are really good at the tango. Realizing how that sounds Damn! Izzy, a former companion, is not happy. Done with masterful subtlety in The Crying Game.

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