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Even the eye of Zeus king of the gods lingered upon the prince. And who stood still for David naked foot to head? Before us are arrayed the trappings of philosophical inquiry, along with spurious arguments presented with great vehemence. Hector, their best man by far, was dead, and they thirsted for revenge. Indeed, he was so successful in proselytising for homosexuality that he upset the local female followers of Dionysus, the god of wine and drama.

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The Dryopians, fed up with bloodshed, sued for peace.

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Lover's Legends: The Gay Greek Myths

The new king, however, was not about to lend his wife out to anyone. Handsome little Goldenhorse, however, he had fathered on the sly with a nymph. Thiodamas, beside himself, decided to take matters into his own hands. Renee Vivien in Finally, out of his wits with longing, Ameinias waylaid Narcissus. Wikimedia Looking at these images today, it is hard not to be struck by their sense of desperate, wilful escapism and rejection of the contemporary world and all that it offered, even as they used the latest photographic techniques in creating these tableaux.

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Alastair BlanshardThe University of Queensland. A chain gang of convicts in Hobart. Myrtilus rolled with the fall, but the old king pitched forward into the dust, tangled in the reins. Orpheus, however, paid them no mind. Studying attitudes to same-sex love amongst the ancient Greeks is a salutary reminder that there is a difference between history and nostalgia, and it is dangerous to confuse them. Jason and the heroes had to cast off and put to sea to keep the black ship off the rocks, had to leave their best men stranded. Besides Hyacinthus, Cyparissus, and Orpheus he had many beloveds whose stories have been lost.

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