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Claire Farley. Officials said that were already a number of trans-students in the school system but none as young as kindergarten age, they expected that the youngster would go unnoticed as a girl. Can she be denied female hormones at age ? Began hormones at age 17 Surgery: While the treatment does nothing to promote female physical characteristics in the girl, it does prevent or greatly slow male type puberty with its physical effects, and several Dutch studies have confirmed the effectiveness of such treatment.

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For example in alone, the number of transgendered people under 22 in the "gender reassignment" program at New York's Michael Callen-Audre Lorde Community Health Center tripled!

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Two sisters, Alina - in red - was previously a brother. In a best case this now allows age critical medical treatment to stop male characteristics developing, but female sexual characteristics optimized by early hormone treatment are still bared. In the UK the.

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He sought medical help but faced three year waiting lists.