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I realised that the reason I didn't fit into the gay scene was because I was not a gay man. I had two brief relationships with men, both of which foundered on their sexual disinclination towards my irrepressible femininity. Publicly, I struggled to present a convincing masculine persona. Learning how to live and 'present' as a woman can be like learning a new language, only without the concrete rules, says Juliet Jacques. Even without make-up, my face suddenly looked more female than ever before. You are invited to post comments and questions for Juliet below, and are very welcome to share your own experiences.

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Clearly, the photographs were the story.

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Now, she could have been a model. Neither had told their housemates about their pasts, but revealed them to the public instead. The internet was a godsend: In this context, even her sex reassignment surgery in did not appear abrupt or incongruous, but was rather assimilated into the physical landscape she presented. I read essays and books, and watched many more films that featured transgender characters and even, sometimes, transgender actors. We cannot guarantee that the personal information you supply will not be intercepted while transmitted to us or our marketing automation service Mailchimp. What not to ask a transsexual.

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I created my own spaces, cross-dressing at club nights I organised: What if my classmates found out? Order by newest oldest recommendations. I picked a male image off the post-punk peg - spiky hair, raincoat, DM boots and Joy Division T-shirts - and started cross-dressing with female friends, periodically scandalising the people of Horsham it wasn't difficult by wearing makeup and women's clothes around town. But, really, that always struck me as the least interesting thing about my experience.

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