John edwards on gay marriage

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If a majority of individuals choose to purchase their insurance from the government plan, Edwards has stated that this could eventually lead to a single-payer health care system. As for the gay Republicans whose votes Mr. But as it stands, most of our country is not there yet, and may not be for a generation. The latter is a bitter pill to swallow before the American public, but coupled with the former, it goes down a lot easier. On Wednesday, appearing on NBC's "Today" show, Kerry accused Bush of "doing this as a political wedge-driving strategy and not because it's necessary.

john edwards on gay marriage
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Just that the object of the bile had been changed.

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Fox News. Listen to America. There's nothing new about my position," he said Tuesday. Gay and lesbian Vermonters, he said, are your friends, neighbors and relatives who simply want the rights that everyone else has.

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He was specifically asked about civil marriages -- not religious ones -- and he didn't disregard that by reciting the standard, 'I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.

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