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According to the DRAE, Carroza, in addition to the vehicle, means iron frame, and it is with this sense where the Chapero comes into play since he is working with the metal sheet of the iron frame. According to Cela, feather also means prostitute, loose woman and even penis. It's always best to ask someone how they identify and use their preferred language. Is it OK to use the word "queer"? Comments on gay What made you want to look up gay? Is homosexuality a choice or a biological imperative? This game is boring and really, really gay.

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This expression from gay jargon refers to a homosexual priest and even a pedophile or pederast priest.

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Boiola is a derogatory expression that we could translate as a sissy or little girl. All synonyms and antonyms for gay Spanish Central: You can find more information in our Gay Slang Series post.

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The slang Butterfly could have several meanings, effeminate homosexual or act so effeminate, and also is used to name the bottom in the anal intercourse.

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