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Contains Beastiality Kiba 2: Enough is enough by Theheirofslytherin45 Fandoms: You enjoyed it just as much as I did! He knew that Sasuke felt it, but it was rare that he actually said it. Why should intimate and sexual activities be any different between them, than a quick spar in the training grounds? A blinding smile flittered on his lips; a hand willingly coming up to run threw the unruly white hair.

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Naruto glared at him.

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Brutal Beginning Book One by rhysmorgen Fandoms: Sasuke broke their kiss with a gasp. Naruto shrieked as a sweet vibration travelled down his cock, and with one final thrust he reached long awaited release. Worried for the safety of his door, he got out of bed and slipped on his pink silk dressing gown. He interrupts the fight and tells them all their fighting is pointless and useless because no matter what, they'll never be better than Kiba.

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Sasuke was dancing with Sakura and Ino at the same time. Though it's better now I'm with you," Naruto said, leaning in to give Sasuke a kiss. He also had a wonderful arse with what he hoped was a tight bum-hole, but he also had a lovely torso and legs with just the right amount of muscle for maximum pleasure. Naruto is an angel in training and he just had to get the worst devil of them all Sasuke. But it would take all his guts to even come out of his comfy closet. But when a certain little boy accidentally comes too close to the Kitsune's carriage during a festival everything is about to change. Naruto moaned out in pleasure as Kiba pushed harder and faster slamming Naruto's prostate every time.

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