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Politics and Reform. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The Austrian Jewish Shoah survivor Simon Wiesenthal argued, for example, that "the Holocaust transcended the confines of Jewish community and that there were other victims. However, Heinz Heger suggests in his book The Men with the Pink Triangle that they were subjected to harsher labor than smaller targeted groups, such as the political prisoners, and furthermore suffered a much higher mortality rate. This prisoner had a jar of Vaseline, but it did not do much; after he left, John found blood on his clothes.

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In the United States legal history.

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These estimates include only individuals singled out for their sexual orientation. When it came to the details of any prisoner's story—including the rape incidents John described—the department refused to either admit or deny them because "the identity of the prisoner has not been revealed. The Iron Words.

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He explained "If this remains the case, it means that our nation Volk will be destroyed lit.

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