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Psyche's fourth and final task is, perhaps, the most difficult one. We might not see every step of Eve's demise - but we also do not need to. I asked if we could have a friendship that was also sexual, and he said no. However, upon seeing how beautiful Psyche is, Eros himself feels attracted to her, and, concealing himself, marries her. Those gay priests who refused to be fully transparent could leave. At the end of the film she is no longer a self-destructive Blanche, but a reality-stricken Mother from Lorca's Blood Wedding.

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No previous president would have dared utter anything like this.

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This patient was a homosexual; the colleague asked Jung if he would consent to see the man. This abominable feeling comes from the fact that as a boy I was the victim of a sexual assault by a man I once worshipped [as Jung now worshiped Freud] I don't. Gwynne Edwards, Amodovar:

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While physiology and socialization make it more difficult for most men to develop crone qualities, exceptional men can become crones.

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