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Barbara Risman argues that the theory's near ubiquity in the sociological literature has diluted its initial value as an explicitly feminist theory of gender. Today's gay, lesbian, and bisexual employees are expected either to downplay their sexuality, as Woods and Lucas's research subjects did, or to conform to narrow stereotypes of gay, lesbian, and bisexual appearance and behavior. Similarly, Julie Bettie's high school ethnography shows how schools use race and class to sort girls into different tracks-and, in the process, very different futures. Teachers must consider how their gender performances affect their intentions to disclose or withhold information about their sexual identities. It turns out that the "postgay" ideology, which celebrates the assimilation and normalization of LGBTs, can be just as harmful to gay and lesbian teachers as the antigay culture of the schools where they work. In this study, we find that these students perceive their LGBTQIA identities to affect their social integration, unfortunately often in negative ways. While I discuss the intersections of race and sexual identity throughout the book, chapter 6 focuses sustained attention on the ways teachers use race both to anticipate and to discredit homophobia.

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In this way, intersectionality theory helps answer the question of why oppressed groups are often complicit in-and even perpetuate-the oppression of other groups.

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We hypothesize that student comfort in group work is essential for this social integration and is a factor that instructors and education researchers should examine further in the context of active learning. Second, the emphasis on discourse in queer theory, particularly in the work of Michel Foucault, helps to explain the diffusion of sexual scripts, including the validation of some and the marginalization of others. Homonormativity in the Classroom 6. What's more, she later clarified, work is not just gendered but also raced and classed. John Gagnon and William Simon, the architects of sexual scripting theory, have gone so far as to argue that no one act or desire is inherently sexual: Each interview was audio-recorded, transcribed, and then coded for themes and subthemes by two reviewers K.

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Classroom concerns of gay and lesbian students: But then again, at what cost? Be aware of gender stereotypes. In the ongoing battle over gay rights, antigay activists have frequently scapegoated LGBT teachers to rally support for their cause, rhetorically constructing gay rights as antithetical to child welfare. In their now classic study, Barrie Thorne and Zella Luria find that institutionalized gender practices in elementary schools inculcate children into an understanding of "'the sexual' [as] prescriptively heterosexual and male homophobic," which in turn influences their sexual understandings and practices later in life. Coming out, which itself follows scripted conventions, is paramount.

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