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Lee and Bob have been married for five years and are still on the lane. That afternoon Mike is arrested as Susan arrives home from grocery shopping. Views Read Edit View history. Tom sees Lee unzipping Lynette's dress and thinks she is seeing some other guy, not realizing it was Lee. When Andrew's soon-to-be mother in-law comes to town, in order to out-do her, Bree decides to buy Andrew and Alex the former home of Martha Huber and Felicia Tilmanwhich is only two houses down and on Wisteria Lane. At the pizzeria, Andrew sees Danielle, and she confesses she left Bree with Gloria and he then rushes home.

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I know that so many gay teenagers do 'try it' just to please their parents.

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Julie tells Zach that is not funny, and finally convinced that there is something wrong with him she leaves. Bree feels guilty and brings food to his house. Season 7, episode Something shocking would happen as a result. Trouble is, their future played out off screen as both actresses left the show to do other series.

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Paul tells Bob and Lee that he has obtained the majority with the purchase of an eighth house and suggests they move to avoid the wrath of their neighbors. Retrieved June 30, This leads the two to talking about why he asked her and not a girl from his school. Renee reassures him he is doing a great job of being a father. Later, Andrew leaves Bree under the care of Danielle who is upset she cannot go to the Scavo's pizzeria. Zach Young decides to hold a pool party for his friends, but plans it more as a way to rekindle his relationship with Julie. Justin has no arousal which brings Gabrielle to the conclusion that Justin is gay.

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