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From early on, Jim has had an ear for a good song and began accumulating his current repertoire of hundreds of songs he now can pull out at the drop of a hat. The memorable aural experience created by Wine and Alchemy's live performance is accentuated by a healthy infusion of world belly dance styling, bringing the senses of the audience to a new level of delight in eclectic artistry. If you've never seen them live, you're really missing out. He has big shoes to fill as the late Malcolm Smith graced Cantiga's sound with his phenomenal fiddle work for many years before his untimely death several years agoand is doing a great job! Log in. He works behind the scenes producing Cantiga's recordings.

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I've not heard of this group before, but found this CD on this website.

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And the delight grows with each listening. It's light-hearted, upbeat, and a lot of fun. His musical experience includes a wide spectrum of influences ranging from classical to jazz, ethnic to barbershop quartet. Album Notes.

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Cantiga is also the core of the popular recording group The New World Renaissance Band, with Owain Phyfe interpreting ancient songs from many cultures.

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