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Description Connect with other men in the global gay community with the 1 video chat app made for gay males. Updates - Adds ability to edit username and profile image - Adds ability to delete account - Adds banana merch! Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Become more comfortable about who you are and help others feel the same way. Express yourself freely without judgement. Netflix has blocked this capability and Snapchat at least tells you when it happens- does Banana do the same?

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I emailed support about the issue above and have been ignored so far.

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Nothing trashy gets through and to me, this is the ideal way to digest some classy wanking fodder. Instantly meet millions of other men from all over the world. Join the global community where gay men can anonymously video chat with other men. Instantly meet millions of other men from all over the world. You aren't alone, so explore! Join Viber messenger to enjoy the most secure messaging and free calls around!

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Now more users from all over the world can sign up, not just Facebook users! We want to keep a healthy environment so that all users have the best time possible. Troll - Annoy your friends and enhance selfies. You can log back in as if nothing happened. Laugh, have a good time, and perhaps make a new friend. The Banana Blog isn't about that magical fruit, but about something that tastes even better: Talk face-to-face with people from the around the world.

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