Why people are against gay marriage

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To determine whether such an analysis would be appropriate, we first computed the partial correlation between ideology and sexual prejudice, adjusting for religiosity. If this happens, we will need to pay close attention to the consequences. For more information concerning the materials and procedures for all studies included in this article, consult our project page on the Open Science Framework: I'm a proud Westie and I voted yes. Therefore, we anticipated that resistance to change might be more important than opposition to equality in accounting for the positive association between religiosity and opposition to same-sex marriage. For additional analysis of the data on same-sex marriage, see this report. Results and Discussion Descriptive statistics are provided in Table G of the online supplement.

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But they already can, and nobody appears to contemplate preventing them, so the proponents of this argument instead uses their concern to justify his opposition to same-sex marriage.

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Same-sex marriage postal survey: the five worst arguments for voting No

The socialization of dominance: Thus, we proceeded to investigate the serial multiple mediation effect see Table H in the online supplement. Our reasoning was consistent with prior research, indicating that religiosity and conservatism are associated with system justification Jost et al. Correlations between sexual prejudice and willingness to protest against same-sex marriage were more variable but also high: Nevertheless, we cannot rule out the possibility that sexual prejudice motivates the adoption of conservative or religious ideology, and that these variables mediate the effect of sexual prejudice on opposition to same-sex marriage. Given that religion offers believers a well-defined moral framework that entails specific attitudes toward social groups, beliefs, and behaviors, it is possible that attitudes toward same-sex marriage simply reflect religious proscriptions.

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Otherwise, the appeal amounts to nothing more than a request that homosexual partners be allowed to call themselves what they want to call themselves regardless of the differences that exist in reality. In addition, we learned that the relationship between religiosity and willingness to protest was not mediated by heterosexual ingroup identification, heterosexual self-categorization, or perceived category overlap; thus, ingroup bias does not appear to account for religious opposition to same-sex marriage. Insofar as religious doctrine emphasizes traditional, longstanding mores, as well as values such as compassion and tolerance, we hypothesized that the influence of resistance to change would be greater than the influence of opposition to equality when it comes to same-sex marriage. The simple fact is that the civil right of equal treatment cannot constitute social reality by declaration. Gallup data from revealed that individuals who attended church on a weekly basis were more likely to be against recognition of same-sex marriage than people who attended less often or never Newport,

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