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The plan to grant equivalent rights to gays and de factos had been up for discussion sinceand all states eventually agreed, but the change was blocked because the Howard Government insisted on excluding same-sex couples. You belong in the legal profession if you want to. Everyday discrimination can occur on the basis of many personal characteristics. Election Watch - Australia Retrieved 2 September

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Following the loss of government in the Australian federal electionHoward was replaced as leader by Brendan Nelsonwho flagged the Coalition's support for removing legal discrimination against same-sex couples in all areas except marriage, adoption and fertility services.

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Make informed decisions with the FT.

Having previously been opposed, inthe Hindu Council of Australia declared it would support same-sex marriage in future after a wide-ranging consultation process on the basis that it desired to support freedom and that the issue is not considered at all in Hindu scriptures. The next highest proportions were in New South Wales and Victoria, where same-sex couples accounted for 1. It's time to listen". Allow yourself to be surprised by how accepting people can be. Consider establishing a reputation for your capabilities if you are not comfortable coming out immediately. Search the FT Search. The ALP, gay rights and same-sex marriage".

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Context, culture, generational differences and norms are among some of the factors that underpin everyday discrimination. Australian states decriminalise male homosexuality". List of Christian denominational positions on homosexuality. Archived from the original on 7 June We don't want anyone with a disingenuous role in a teaching job," he said.

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