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Pope Francis was first asked about rumors involving a specific priest whom he had appointed to a position in the Vatican, and he replied that he had investigated the case and found no reason to believe the rumors to be true:. Sullivan, who does not substantiate who the "many" are, insisted that he's not trying to slander or "expose" Kagan, but said his question is a fair one that ought to be a matter of record. They just want to knock a powerful woman down a few notches. The Post also points out that"Most major news organizations have policies against 'outing' gays or reporting on the sex lives of public officials unless they are related to their public duties. But tolerance of the reality of homosexual unions, and even the disapproval of discrimination against people because they engage in sinful sexual behavior, is different from the elevation of that behavior to something protected by the force of the law: ICE will begin removing 'millions of illegal aliens' next week, Donald Trump tweets.

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There were rumors at the time of his confirmation that he was gay.

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The Civil Rights Act made it illegal for employers to discriminate against individuals because of their race, sex, religion or national origin. And yet he was appointed Pope. US companies' message to Trump:

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Tiffany Haddish, Lizzo and more rule the red carpet.

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