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But, for example, when I was 16 I was in need of urgent psychological assistance, every large organization refused to work with me, except Deti February 12, News Release. Young people interviewed by Human Rights Watch for this report used a variety of terms to describe same-sex attraction and gender variance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nobody understands me, in fact.

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Ensure that all school phsychologists are trained to work with LGBT children.

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How Russia’s First Married Gay Couple Ended Up Fleeing

A few years later inJustice Commissar Nikolai Krylenko publicly stated that the anti-gay criminal law was correctly aimed at the decadent and effete old ruling classes, thus further linking homosexuality to a right-wing conspiracy, i. Archived from the original on 22 December By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. February 11, Dispatches. I finally had a resource that told me who I was. This is something that appeared after the law was adopted. Others reported that they were teased and harassed, said that their classmates described them as sick or pitiful, or overheard anti-LGBT comments that led them to conceal their identities and live in fear of attack.

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Discussing an in-patient rehabilitation center where she worked for two years, she said: While staff were supportive in some cases, in others, teachers specifically targeted LGBT students for abuse. Pseudonyms have been used for all interviewees, and some additional identifying information, such as location, has been withheld. The law has also contributed to widespread misinformation about gender and sexuality in Russia—including for parents, as documented later in this report. On 8 May, Russian Duma rejected a bill criminalizing gay "propaganda" in Russia with only 90 votes in favor against minimum required.

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