Opposition to gay parents

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Reversing arrows in mediation models does not distinguish plausible models. Specificity of Polish Context. Nevertheless, at the request of journal reviewers, we provide the results of plausible alternative models in an online supplement. Lesbian parents' talk about encounters with professionals in fertility clinics and maternal and child healthcare services. This article attempts to explore some of the difficulties that are present in existing theorisations of the domestic division of labour in lesbian and gay households. Our research builds on this observation within the South African context, using a discursive psychology approach. Psychological Bulletin,

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These epitomes are offered sequentially to give a sense of responsiveness and conversation.

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Think of the kids: why marriage equality opponents are wrong on parenting

Although there were no sex differences in acceptance of lesbians, women were more willing to engage in relationships with children of lesbians than were men. Through a critical thematic analysis of South African newspapers, informed by feminist discursive psychology, we identify four themes in resistant ways of talking: It gets complicated when those couples come back with their babies. At the same time, religious doctrine emphasizes values such as compassion and tolerance, which seem more consistent with supporting marriage equality than opposing it. A search for literature on lesbian mothers evidenced little information. First, and confirming previous results Clarke ; Pennington and Knightstudies 2 and 3 showed that the sexual orientation of the parents, and not their level of gender-role conformity, was thought to account for the probability of being bullied. Social, psychological and biological issues.

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Discourse 4 seemingly has a superior standing, both in regard to being widely used and the magnitude of moral strength. National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs. The study involves five homogeneous focus groups with a total of 19 professionals. In Study 3, we saw that the mediating effect of sexual prejudice was linked to political conservatism. Analysis of the debate rhetoric reveals that one core argument, drawn on by those objecting to liberal changes, was the assumption that children of same-sex couples would suffer from exposure to homophobic prejudices Malmquist and Zetterqvist Nelson, ; for similar debate in Great Britain, see Clarke ClarkeClarke et al. Analysing studies that show different results Some studies have indicated that adults raised by same-sex parents fare worse on some educational, social or emotional outcomes. Targeted education for social workers and adoption agency workers should be developed to ensure objective assessments of prospective same-sex adoptive couples regardless of their gender role characteristics.

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