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The gay-friendly Pacific Rim hotel chain, Outrigger, with numerous properties throughout the state of Hawaii. It's generally a given that restaurants overlooking the water deliver on the view but generally not as well on the food. All Rights Reserved. Extremely popular, take a look at their website for upcoming events or get directly in touch as they have wait lists for many nudist events in Hawaii. Visiting the Arizona is free and involves watching an excellent short minute movie about the attack and then boarding a boat for a trip out to the memorial site built atop the sunken Arizona battleship, whose gun towers still poke out of the water. In the lower right, you can see a few remnants of the sunken Arizona poking out of the water, and you can also detect discoloration in the water that's a result of the oil that continues to leak very slowly from the wreckage. This is the spot in Honolulu to watch both sunrise and sunset.

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On arrival, passengers disembark from the boat onto the Memorial platform and are free to explore it, take pictures, and observe the wall listing the names of 1, crew members who perished during the attack all told, 2, U.

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Kailua beach is another awesome beach next to Lanikai beach. Take home a hot guy or a hot memory, not an STD. Gay Blazing Saddles — Oh hunny!

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This low-frills, relatively affordable Japanese-seafood place is justly famous for one particular dish, garlic ahi available in a variety of ways, from tempura to stir-friedbut you'll all sorts of tasty bits here.

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