Kurt and blaine dating fanfiction

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Then his father stood up. Kurt paused by the door. Then he leaned in to kiss Kurt some more. Blaine could hear the bottles popping open. It wasn't beautiful to the ears like most musical things the teens were used to but that didn't matter.

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They parked in the quiet driveway and Blaine cut off the engine.

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It was probably going to be awful. Blaine takes one last sip from the lukewarm water in his overfilled glass, and decides to ask for the check. I hope you like it ;P. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm a believer. Had it started yet? And I'm glad that he's making that part of his journey with someone like you.

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I hope you enjoy! Sorry it took so long. Blaine was a little slower. If you go in. And by us I mean kids in general. Then they started the movie.

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