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Kiba couldn't control himself. He really was very embarrassed. As carefully as possible, Naruto began scissoring the Inuzuka, moving his finger in and out of him. Kiba stood up, and felt real good about himself as Naruto's eyes went down to his member and back up. Kiba imagined Naruto's hands around his waist.

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I do not own Naruto Shippuden, Naruto, or anything else related to it. Kiba could see his sun-kissed, ripped and toned body, his powerful chest and sculpted abs, down to his sharp hip bones that Kiba was not feeling squeamish. He switched to the other nipple, feeling the blonde's hard abs shiver underneath his hands. Right afterwards, Naruto had walked over to Yamato and requested that he build a cabin off to the side of the battlefield. His creation started with a wish, a dying request to the Shinigami by one Uzumaki Kushina. That was a gay thing to say wasn't it?

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Kiba couldn't hold it in, Naruto was ramming into him full force till the sofa creaked against the floor. I know I enjoyed writing it lol. He could hear the sound of his precum, sticky and sloppy as he pumped himself, his balls moving up and down. Ever since Naruto returned from his training with Jiraiya, the boy had evolved, for lack of better word. Kiba could not decline, though he knew that he should have. He played with it in his mouth, tongue prodding it, before he released it, licking Naruto's engorged member from bottom up.

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