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How would you feel if your nexr-doorneighbours buried their grandmorherin their back garden? They shoot 5 of their classmates dead and criticallywound another Who did you vote for at the last election? An unborn child has rights. You are invited to dinner by some people you I I clinncr,they suggestyou all relax and chat in don't know very well. Work with a partner. The sameas normal.

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How much do you weigh, to you ahout the Bible.

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Then read the information below to find the answers: How would you define 'torture'? I Reading 4 Readthe articlesbelow and answerthis question: Lisa Westonthinks children should be treated differentlv from adults.

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Studentswill often have strongly-held views and The materiirl is not intended to form the basisof a possiblyprofound personalexperienceswhich they course but a resource from which teachers can, are willing to sharewith the class.

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