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Just like in Junjou Romantica, it revolves around three different couples, plus one — the one featuring Kirishima x Yokozawa, which had an anime movie adaption.

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Yes, we would fight, and would get into very heated debates, but it would take almost no time for both of us to laugh and realise it was pointless, wanting to apologise and get back to talking rubbish.

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The Supreme Court has once again avoided taking up a case of a religious business owner refusing to serve a gay couple.

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When not working or writing, Miles loves to read, paint, and look to other creative forms of expression as outlets for the ideas that would drive him crazy if he didn't get them out on paper and canvas.

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Dallas-area art teacher Stacy Bailey has been suspended after she discussed her sexual orientation with students, Mansfield Independent School District officials said Tuesday afternoon.

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Spirituality and Religion 4Mind4Body: