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People argue against their nudity in public because it violates their traditional values. When I first started at AfterEllen inI was a freelancer and there were four full-time staff members, all women editors. When asked about the gender of the character Stevonnie, Sugar replied that "Stevonnie is an experience, the living relationship between Steven and Connie. Riese Bernard bottom center with the rest of the Autostraddle staff. Will's friend Jack, on the other hand, was used as comic relief and was presented as flamboyant and non threatening. Despite the frequent attempts made by these publications to diversify their staff, their coverage, and their readership, they have been criticized for putting a lot of straight white guys on their covers and a lot of gay white guys on their mastheads.

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Christian Post.

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With the emergence of the AIDS epidemic and its implicit relation to gay men, media outlets varied on their coverage, portrayal and acceptance of the LGBT community. According to Judith Butler 's conceptualization of gender as performative, and her theory of gender performativitywe can understand that repeated instances of a concept, in this case, non-binary gender in the media, attribute legibility and coherence to that concept. Gay Straight Communication.

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One way that this show represents the LGBTQ community is through its deconstruction of heteronormativity.

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