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My friend got stabbed. After managing to get away, the girls took a bus to a tea shop so they could discuss what to tell their parents. He, like others I spoke to, seemed resigned to living a life that contained a certain amount of risk, whether online or in public. However, David was kind about it. The classic is to look back at your target and see that he is looking back at you. I was born in nature, right, so for me to walk around the woods was something that I did pretty much every day as a kid. Dinco says queer men are easy targets, and are especially vulnerable to systemic forms of violence when cruising in public places like parks.

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These guys were freaking on us and dancing with us.

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How the Art of Signaling Is Changing

Out of all the toilets to go to, I just happened to stumble upon the one notorious for cruising in Collins Street. If you get rejected, move on. While these changes are often signs of greater acceptance toward LGBTQ communities, men I spoke to from older generations—who once cruised in parks because it was one of the only ways they could find one another—seem nostalgic. CitadelHill has its own protocols - see its page Other People used to use, some people still do, HankyCodes to indicate their preferences. Pawan Dhall, who edited Queer Potlisays of the past:

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The first few times going there, I was terrified. This adrenaline also made me extremely paranoid, so at the end of the day while I would spend hours at that public toilet, I would come out having done nothing at all, avoiding eye contact with anyone nearby. At the same time, the park also reminds him of early childhood. Today, transportation is becoming a popular testing ground for new queer awareness and codes. At the same time, in many parts of the world, straight men and women are adopting aesthetics that were once explicitly queer. In fact, he guided me through the entire experience which helped me relax and enjoy the moment more. Beats offer a space for men to have sex with men without the emotional baggage, allowing them to pursue sexual contact that would otherwise be frowned upon.

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