Dabates on gay marriage

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Follow us on social media. The contract of marriage is also a compact between two individuals, a promise to care for one another. The abortion debate is illustrative here of what a descent into cultural war achieves. Now that gay couples in committed relationships are able to formalize their unions as marriages, they may help improve marriage overall by providing more positive role models. The most simplistic argument against gay marriage is to look at a dictionary. Expert Database Find experts with knowledge in: Now that people know that they can rely on their relative's spouse, they will be far less anxious about what will happen to their loved one.

dabates on gay marriage
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All of these have been opposed by the same religious and political forces which currently oppose gay marriage.

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Rather, I will be doing so because we have yet to properly define the terms of the debate. If marriage only exists for the purpose of having childrenthen how can infertile couples be allowed to marry? Perhaps progress will be even faster because of the progress made with other minorities thus far in America.

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Opposition to equal civil rights for gays comes in many forms.

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