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Rednecks [ edit ]. The difference between the blog feature and the bulletins feature was a closely-guarded trade sekrit known only to Tom. Many of these so-called "models" are not even good enough for CrackWhore Monthly's amateur "Labia Hunt". Raping children for the lulz is cool! Many users usually dateless females would list seemingly impossible qualities they are looking for in a humanoid life formsuch as the body of Brad Pittwith eyelinerand the soul of Truman Capote, but they also had to be a shirtless drummer in a band with no gag reflex.

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These repercussions being having to write such a trite and pointless letter to explain to you something that should need no explanation.

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Some of the inbred retards who were surfing for Cock eventually ended up on MySpace. The emo are currently being studied in many research facilities, experienced doctors are using their genetic strands of faggotry in an attempt to find a cure for social networking, emos have been known to have no taste as this being an example. They also said " nigger " a lot, jokingly of course. We attack everyone and drink their blood. Many people think since they are a humanoid life form having secondary sex characteristics, they can be a model and post endless camwhoring pictures of themselves in various states of undress. Better even than "models" are " dancers " who added themselves to every male the MySpace search finds within miles of their "performing arts center".

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First of all, I can boldly state that I do not need to determine the status of our friendship through the placement of your picture and name on an online networking site. Typical picture of American teenage girl, complete with its offspring. People of Web 2. Three dumb fucking cuntholesposing for the camera. As a drama-generating technique, murder is one of the best, though typically MySpace killers didn't log in to approve new friend requests after beginning their spree. Everyone on MySpace likes them. The over use of Emoticons and using other letters to spell a word.

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