Why are you against gay marriage

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The truth is that the legalisation of gay marriage will lead to the legalisation of gay marriage. A petition by the Coalition for Marriage claimed to havesignatures in opposition to gay marriage in the UK. Yes, gay people can already get married … to people of the opposite gender. It is an easier way. The Really Silly Homophobic Arguments I do not imagine there are many people who believe they deserve fewer rights or who desire to be second-class citizens.

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Evil men don't understand the importance of justice, but those who follow the Lord are much concerned about it.

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31 arguments against gay marriage (and why they’re all wrong)

Dozens of studies have shown gay people to be entirely capable of raising children. It also implies a nefarious gay mafia that is out to wreck marriage for straight people. Colorado Teacher Bullies Covington Student. When marriage is a civil, legal institution of the state, the citizenship has a right to redefine marriage in accordance with established equality laws. Another form of the previous argument.

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In fact, the amendment passed in North Carolina on Tuesday by a wider margin than a similar measure passed six years ago in Virginia Ultimately the argument turns out to be hyperbolic nonsense designed to instil confusion, fear, and mistrust of gay people. If this was really true, how come hundreds of everyday gay people protest outside anti-gay marriage rallies? Sometimes, the even more disingenuous will reference studies [PDF] which do not even acknowledge gay parents. While it is true that many reputable studies have shown two-parent families tend to be most beneficial, the gender of the parents has never been shown to matter.

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