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Hear me out, now. Chris Reimenschendier Strib music critic: I know you have gotten some because I still get N-word e-mails. We tend to think in short Not gay, sleeps around a lot. The audacity of protesting and pushing your hate hours after that tragic event! Of course, Sven has too many fans, some of whom were dining at the restaurant, for me to even contemplate marring the cuteness wrapped in handsomeness that is his huskiness.

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I mean, weather puts on a good show, I guess.

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In Wake Of Tel Aviv & Orlando, Seeking Peace Amid Pride

I guess I look at it as, in you have the opportunity to choose what you believe. No, we will not share your email address with anyone or send you spam. He can whip up anything. What a confusing mess. I would order food.

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I have a lot of friends who are meteorologists all over the country and we all kind of wonder what is it about meteorology. Other people I didn't see but know or think are gay: Probably something else Scandinavian. Thankfully, Gay Pride in Tel Aviv is a much more joyous and safe event. Not gay at all, kind of a jerk. Be one of those idiots standing …. She thought her place was to be at home and have a meal ready for my grandpa when he came home from work.

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