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I felt his cock head pop inside of me, it was fantastic better then I ever dreamt. Now back to my story. As i was already covered in oil, Greg's fingers slid easily into me, feeling my arse open and take him in one slow motion until i felt his hand press against me, his fingers deep in my hole. He was a little goofy looking: An Erotic Massage An older neighbor takes a "legit" massage to a new place. When he finished he was going to pull out but I asked not to please keep it in there until he got soft and would come out by it self.

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The Massage Stud masseur has his way with something straight guy.

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His final summer vacation before senior year of high school. Less Stressed Whilst they were out on an access visit, I thought I would like to have a massage to relieve the stress I was getting from all the legal proceedings involved in getting your kids. He stayed still for a few minutes to allow me to adjust to his cock then he pushed in some more. Almost at the same time Greg held my limp hips to his as I felt him give a final thrust inside me, holding himself there as I felt him shoot load after load inside me, making my own orgasm even better.

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The walks would fuel my imagination and besides, I also enjoyed the exercise and fresh air.

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