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Some arguments for this position are: First, Sullivan wants to believe that the somewhat higher level of pro-monogamy views among civil-union couples is a sign that civil unions have changed gay attitudes. And Stiers's study suggests that many radical gays and lesbians who yearn to see marriage abolished and multiple sexual unions legitimized intend to marry, not only as a way of securing benefits but as part of a self-conscious attempt to subvert the institution of marriage. Is there a Limit to Abortion Extremism? What lies beyond gay marriage is no marriage at all.

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Death penalty.

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Personal View. It is this confluence of radical feminism and gay rights that now shapes the field. Trump Is Expanding Obamacare. In one case, you could never reliably gain the pig's consent.

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Putting aside the role of the State, those who believe that matrimony is a sacrament, or who through natural law reasoning find fault with homosexuality itself, have their own grounds for rejecting gay umarriage.

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