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When parents reject their gay or lesbian adolescent, I feel that it can possibly set him or her up for failure. He started to skip school so that he would not have to put up with the harassment anymore. Please upgrade to CAM4 Gold for unlimited conversations. I bet the guys will love it! More From Thought Catalog. I believe that sexual orientation and gender identity are integral aspects of ourselves and should never lead to discrimination or abuse. In this paper, I will discuss the different types of discrimination that LGBT youths are faced with and the effects on these youths.

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How Are LGBT Youths Affected by Discrimination and What Can Schools Do to Help?

It is awful what they go through and how most people are clueless or even careless about what these youths endure. In essence, the purpose of this research paper is to identify the different effects on LGBT youths due to discrimination and to explore various actions that can and should be taken by schools and parents to help these youths live a normal and happy life. CAM4Gold users can save an unlimited number of filters? Education Week, 21 233. I only watch twinks. Instead of being social individuals, LGBT youths remain in the closet and hide.

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The gay scenes were the best and actually turned me on more that the hetero scenes did. Gay and lesbian youth are at greater risk for school failure than heterosexual children. The paper will elaborate on the severe impacts on LGBT youths not only caused by discrimination but also due to lack of support and guidance. Also, roughly about one third of LGBT youths have a drinking or drug problem. I believe that parents should embrace their children no matter what their sexual preference is.

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