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How is Miss Starbucks keeping that hat on her head? Generally speaking, Pride parades are no worse than any adult parade, most of which are usually populated by inebriated participants and viewers. Parents should know in advance what their children may witness and should be prepared to have conversations with their children, in the event they see something troubling. There is a big difference in behavior at the type of parades I've mentioned in this answer, and your typical Fourth of July parade down Mainstreet, USA. Or however that works.

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Do you have any advice for a straight person who is taking part in a pride parade?

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The 2015 Seattle Gay Pride Parade (Including Nude Bicyclists and, of Course, Some Jesus Freaks)

And in the heat, how did the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence keep makeup on their faces?!? Related Questions Are Gay Pride parades unnecessary? If you feel such inappropriate sights only take place at Pride parades, please visit NYC and attend ANY parade, and you will definitely get a show to remember. I am going to say no, not at all appropriate. Will there ever be a gay pride parade in the UAE? I have also witnessed full on nudity at a Halloween parade in Hollywood, the St.

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Speaking of shame, why do these guys always have to show up with a bullhorn? Do you believe that the best way for LGBT people to be accepted as "normal" is through pride parades? It says, "I created sex. No nudes in public please. Or a rainbow tutu.

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