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Blood began to leisurely pool in his groin. Remy looked surprised and curious, needing a few minutes to grasp the full meaning of what Logan was trying to imply. He had no claims to him, but that didn't keep jealousy from rising into his gut when someone openly flirted with Logan and the Canadian who didn't seem to recall their liaison returned their advances with that wolfish grin or sexy bedroom voice. Logan whirled around, regarding him with hard eyes, and advanced on him. He needed to work off his tension and there was nothing like a Level 9 not ten because he needed to get back to his class without being bombarded with questions to work it off. When he finally did come back to his room, he found Remy lying in his bed and it was already late. He wasn't mocking him.

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Actually it was so good that he lost consciousness for a few minutes before coming back to himself in blissed out stupefaction.

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Soon Northstar was crying out another orgasm. Blood began to leisurely pool in his groin. Logan couldn't help the laugh that escaped him. Bobby grabbed onto Logan's arm as it wrapped across his chest, ice spurting out from his fingertips like sparks from a broken lighter. He willed his claws back to their rightful place and sat beside the other man on the bed. The pain of the bleeding bite went straight to his cock and let him explode with pleasure.

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He leaned down, pressing his mouth to his lover's, deft fingers sliding to his waist to undo the belt, then sliding in to grasp the hard flesh of Logan's prick. Using his free hand Scott then started to tease my other nipple and out of the blue he bit the nipple that he had in his mouth hard. Logan was looking at him as if he knew exactly what he was thinking. Scott must've liked it because I felt him smile and he started to do his ministrations downwards. Bastard was probably enjoying this display.

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