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Screening is limited to youth with a valid I. When she breaks the silence about the hereditary intersex condition that runs in her family, she is confronted with fear and hostility from her mother, and rage from her younger sister. Christophe Chemin, 5 min. Director Rose Troche and co-writer Guinevere Turner created a new standard for lesbian-themed films. Winner of the Teddy Award for best feature film in The frienemies immediately ignite a psychological battle, cruelly pushing each other's boundaries of strength, sexuality, and overall control in this coming of age story that's both innovative and provocative. In one of his most singular and stylish films, German filmmaker Tom Tykwer RUN LOLA RUN returns to Berlin for the setting of this seductive drama centered on an upscale middle-aged couple whose routine coexistence is upset when they separately encounter the same man and explore their sexual fluidity.

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Peggy Rajski, 18 min.

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Offering valuable insights into Maori traditions, family ideals and cultural values, this feature debut is rich and textured with emotional layers and stunning New Zealand landscapes. Josh Levy, 4 min. Joey Kuhn, 11 min.

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Lina Mannheimer, 13 min.