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The ACLU of Oregon defended the right of students at a private religious school not to be pressured to violate their Sabbath day by playing in a state basketball tournament. Most people are incapable of hiding the fact that they have a family from those they work with day in and day out. The ACLU and the ACLU of Texas came to the defense of a five-year-old Native American boy who was forced into in-school suspension for wearing long braids as an expression of his religious beliefs and cultural heritage. The ACLU also challenged many loyalty oath requirements across the country, but the courts upheld most of the loyalty oath laws. The ACLU's national network of affiliates broadens the Project's reach into every locality and into the federal government. My religious ideals became immediate and personal.

gay rights project brings aclu religious family
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Many agencies doing child placement work in Michigan are faith-based agencies, some of which have religious objections to placing children with same-sex couples.

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Connecticutand this time the Supreme Court adopted the ACLU's position, and formally declared a right to privacy. For students, this includes the right to free expression, to establish gay-straight alliance clubs, to bring a same-sex date to the prom, and to be taught in an environment respectful of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Our challenge is to make people understand that it is not simply wrong to ask anyone to live a lie, it is very destructive. One researcher on the project noted:.

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Ain't Over Yet And keep fighting we will.

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