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Constant obsession trying to find content and staying relevant drove me further and further away. While they're assuming that we're all either one or the other, are they actually trying to figure out which one? A lot of guys have great Instagram pages, but the photos on yours are ridiculous — and your half million following is huge. We get nowhere by being silent. Don't automatically assume that the friend I introduce you to, or the one I hung out with the other night is my new love interest -- or should be.

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The party where Felipe and I met face to face for the first and only time nearly ended in fisticuffs because we mixed like fire and gasoline. You are gym bunnies. Aaron I always thought it was funny to see grown ass gay men fawning over content that is mostly for teens and early twenty-somethings. Instagram couples are geared more towards teens where their views on relationships are at their most idealistic.

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