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Always wanting to be at the forefront of gay-specific advertising, Subaru even hired an all-gay advertising agency to produce their television ads, starting in Since then, Holden has even given it a midlife nip and tuck. How to Charge Your Electric Car Every electric vehicle owner knows the benefits of driving a car powered by little electrons blasting around ribbons of copper. November 17, 0. Being a Triumph, though, it was often out of commission and the repairs set him back financially and often.

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It comes in an aqua color and it's nothing but cute.

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Six Automobile Brands Which Target the Gay Community

Unlike other competitions of this type, the prize is not given by a jury of journalists or celebrities, but by a community of automotive enthusiasts. One memorable ad, from Germany, was ranked by Ad Week as one of the top five gayest ads of all time. We would also like to note that the organizers of this contest should disclose how many people voted in the event, and if anyone drove the cars that were nominated, or if they were chosen for their looks. For the ultimate lesbian car, I have known so many [lesbians] who own Subaru wagons; usually defaced with stickers that say "girls kick ass," or "vegetarians taste better. The distinction was given following a voting process that took place between 15 November and 15 Decemberand each member of the Ledorga community had one vote to cast.

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Jesse When I'm cruising around topless with the hard top and doors off in my Jeep Wrangler, with the four-point off road belts, the only guys honking and hollering at me have terrific hair and are driving Jettas, Cabriolets, and the like, yelling, "You go, girl! This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. After all, those that lost might want to know how far were they from becoming the European Gay Car of the Year. These ads quickly made their way to U. Another different thing about this distinction is that the runner-up and the other models that were proposed in the competition are not even mentioned in the press release. He named his baby "Maxine the Slut," and kept it until she finally blew beyond repair a few years later.

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